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  • NICE FOOD PRESENT SIX @ SIX The date is set, the cab has arrived and your ready to leave. You arrive at the restaurant on time, the waiter shows you to your table. There then follows the restaurant experience to savour. You experience great wine, food, company, service and the simply indulgent dessert. Exquisite! Imagine… Read more »

  • NICE FOOD PRESENTS MY CHEF AND ME Have you ever watched those TV food programmes’ or read magazines and saw a dish you would love to eat or prepare for you and friends or family and decided to give it a go? Then one final look at the recipe the total cost & time, then… Read more »

  • Welcome to Nice Food!

    Welcome to Nice Food! Established in 2008, Nice Food are experienced in delivering professional and organised occasions and applying their services to customers needs. Nice Food delivers a top end quality catering service. Working alongside our clients, we will project manage events, from creative vision, through project scope, budgeting, planning and procuring through to delivery…. Read more »